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From the moment that Drew Gulak stepped into a WWE ring for the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, the submission master made it his goal to make a mark on the company in some way.

Although he was unable to win the tournament, WWE saw potential in Gulak and signed him to the new 205 Live brand and eventually worked his way up to the main roster.

Fresh off the independent scene, Gulak came to show the world the kind of wrestling he loved the most after seeking to leave a mark on the industry he has been part of for over 15 years in some form. He has been able to combine his submission-based style that many of the WWE Universe may not have been too familiar with and an ability to adapt to the entertainment requirements of such a global company.

Drew Gulak has given us some memorable moments during his run in the company. Whether it was giving PowerPoint presentations, dressing up as a turkey for Thanksgiving or putting on amazing technical matches, you would never know what to expect from Drew Gulak...